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Thinking of investing in attribution, predictive modelling or a DMP? Start by checking the quality of your data.

We believe that data governance and data quality are the foundations of analytics, and where businesses will get the most value for money. Patch-work fixes are a drain on resources and overtime become very costly.

Ebiquity Acquires Digital Balance

It is with great pleasure I announce our most exciting venture to date; the acquisition of Digital Balance by Ebiquity – a leading independent marketing and media analytics consultancy. Ebiquity is a great fit and giant step forward for our business. We share very similar values around agility, independence, honesty and being straight-forward. We’re looking forward to having access to Ebiquity’s core services, and leverage some of the expertise and networks that they bring to the table.

Announcing our Google Analytics 360 partnership

We’ve been working hard over the last few months and we’re excited to announce that we’re now officially a Google Analytics 360 partner. As an authorised Google Analytics Certified Partner (GACP) we’ve been endorsed by Google, as one of a few companies in Australia able to provide expertise across both their standard and premium solutions.

How much is that click really worth? The hidden reality of Facebook negative sentiment.

Figuring out what drives clicks and honing in on that will certainly drive traffic to your site – but are you listening to what your audience is saying?

How to measure your entire marketing strategy in 4 crazily simple KPIs.

Does hearing the term “KPI” fill you with fear? A step by step guide to setting 4 simple digital KPIs for your entire customer journey.