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What is Adobe Activity Map and how does it work?

Despite the impressive amount of functionality it offers, Activity Map is arguably one of the lesser known features available within Adobe Analytics. Understanding how it works and what it offers and will help you decide on whether it’s a suitable link tracking solution to include in your existing or future Adobe Analytics implementation. Table of […]

Is Apple ITP breaking the internet?

Apple’s ITP is creating ghost audiences; it’s getting worse, and there’s no cure. 

A quick primer for you, without getting into the technical specifics:

Around 50% of your mobile visitors are ghosts.
Around 10% of your desktop visitors are ghosts.
That means 20%-30% of all visitors are ghosts.
Did that get your attention?

ITP or Intelligent Tracking Prevention is Apple Safari’s ability to stop cross-domain tracking (specifically ad tracking), deleting or blocking cookies (1st and 3rd), with the intention of protecting user privacy by restricting the ability of ad tech companies to track people around the web.

Sizmek and the Privacy Storm

You may be aware of the recent news that Sizmek, one of the largest independent ad-tech platforms has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. The business will seek to maintain current operations as it looks to either outside investment, or third-party sale to help resolve the balance sheet. It is too soon to tell whether Sizmek’s […]

Communication: The Other Art in Data Literacy

Data Literacy is often thought of as the ability to read meaningful information from data. Job descriptions for analytics roles emphasise the importance of mathematics and statistics skills to interpret and evaluate data.

Thinking of investing in attribution, predictive modelling or a DMP? Start by checking the quality of your data.

We believe that data governance and data quality are the foundations of analytics, and where businesses will get the most value for money. Patch-work fixes are a drain on resources and overtime become very costly.