Our work with Department of Tourism, WA

Data Management Platform (DMP) integration & Data Strategy

The background

In 2019, we were engaged to implement the new DMP, Adobe Audience Manager, and deliver a data strategy that could help them achieve their objectives – this included integrating their Adobe Analytics with Audience Manager, along with several media destinations.

Through Adobe Audience Manager, Tourism WA aimed to improve customer experience and media efficiencies, by identifying and targeting high value audiences, and serving them the most relevant content across their customer journey.

Our approach

We configured Adobe Audience Manager, helping to ensure the platform was integrated with the TWA’s Adobe Analytics. Based on the selection from their media agency, we also went on to integrate Adobe Audience Manager with Facebook and DV360.

Data Strategy
Without a strategy, Adobe Audience Manager offers limited value. Through the data strategy process, we were able to combine their historical knowledge of the Tourism WA.’s data with their new objectives to create a strategy and unlock new opportunities.

The value

Much was achieved during the lifecycle of this initiative and some of the key value points were:

  • Seamless integration between platforms.
  • Developed custom calculated metrics within Adobe Analytics that could be used in the DMP to identify high value audiences.
  • Created an activation plan, that showed how to provide a unique experience to high value audiences across their customer journey.

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