Our work with Newscorp

Analytics dashboard development & capability

The background

We were engaged by a Newscorp to help visualise their activity and targets across their multiple mastheads on an hourly basis. This project was a follow up to a previous engagement – another custom-built dashboard developed for their newsroom called ‘the sweet spot’. This dashboard used a number of metrics calculated at any given time providing a score to give each newsroom a view of how they were performing throughout each news day and what content they needed to publish to meet their internal targets.

The work

Given their specific requirements, we determined the best solution would be for us to build a custom solution, ingesting data from Adobe. This was due to the requirement of needing the data to be as close to real-time as possible, which most out-of-the-box platforms struggle with as processing time of the data is largely dependent on the source.

Our platform calculated real-time targets based on historical hourly data over the last 90 days, for different segments and metrics and was designed to be displayed on large-screen TVs across the editorial floors at their head office.

The value

This was the first time they were able to bring to life their masthead performance in real-time and overlay that data against previous performance. Further to that the solution was built to connect to their analytics platform Adobe Analytics, so they could add new data sets and charts without any development or assistance from our team, so they were able to manage everything in-house.

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