Our work with Cricket Australia

Data Management Platform (DMP) integration

The background

In late 2017, Cricket Australia engaged Digital Balance to manage and deliver their rollout of Audience Manager. This was a new technology to Cricket Australia and required Digital Balance to act as project manager between Adobe and various teams within Cricket Australia (across marketing, data, IT and analytics).

Cricket Australia wanted to leverage their existing customer data through the Adobe marketplace and required Adobe Audience Manager to be rolled out across 20 separate domains owned by Cricket Australia.

They were keen to associate some commercial value to their wealth of online data via Audience Manager. The challenge was to ensure that Audience Manager and its associated audience setup put them in the best possible position to start to have conversations with their partners.

Our approach

Digital Balance helped manage the implementation process, acting as project manager between Cricket Australia (digital, data, IT and analytics teams) & Adobe (consultants, engineering and account management).

Step 1: Requirement Gathering & Project Planning
Working with multiple stakeholders across Adobe and Cricket Australia, to deliver working group sessions to determine exact responsibilities for all involved. Given the tight deadlines for delivery, and the importance of the launch date (The Ashes start date) it was critical that the setup and onboarding process ran efficiently.

Step 2: Delivery
Acted as the liaison between Adobe and Cricket Australia, Digital Balance drove progress, issue resolution and troubleshooting to keep the project on target. Acted as the central stakeholder within Cricket Australia to represent the overall business interests and keep internal teams in alignment.

Step 3: Education
Delivered a presentation of final results to senior stakeholders including the CMO at Cricket Australia, covering all aspects of Audience Manager:

  • Purpose of a DMP
  • Benefits of Audience Manager
  • Review of current setup within Cricket Australia
  • Basic familiarisation with UI functionality
  • Examples of Cricket Australia specific segments
  • Examples of how to activate this data via Marketplace

The value

Our work enabled the following value for Cricket Australia:

  • Trait taxonomy in place
  • Creation of Segments
  • Cricket Australia CRM data sync via an automated import
  • Educate business in the potential of Audience Manager and next steps
  • Allows Cricket Australia to begin to commercialise their data

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